Mia Khalifa Answers All Your Biggest Questions About Sex (So, Grab A Pen And Start Taking Notes)

As most of you already could have guessed, Mia Khalifa knows a thing or two about sex. Given her former profession, it's sort of par for the course to know your way around a bedroom. This is our polite way of describing her brief stint in the adult film industry, by the way. Khalifa has since moved on to other endeavors, including a sports talk show on Complex called Out of Bounds. If there's one thing Mia knows more than sex, it's sports. But, today, we're here to talk about the former.

In an interview with Men's Health Mia tackled the most Googled questions about sex and, we've got to say, we learned more than we ever thought we could. Say what you will about Khalifa, the woman knows her stuff. Whether y'all want to admit it or not, we're sure that you've wondered about at least one of the topics below. It's OK, we get it, dudes are weird when it comes to talking about sex. That's why Men's Health brought in the big guns and that's why we're sharing it with you!

"Where is the G-spot"?

"Your G-spot is on the top wall of the vagina halfway between the opening and the cervix — so if you’re fingering someone, it’s up and under, I would say. You know you’re touching it when it feels like you’re touching a slightly rougher surface, like the surface of a nut. It’s a different spot for every girl. It takes a little experimenting to find. Every girl gets to her G-spot a little differently than the last girl, if that makes sense. I reach orgasm externally, not too much from just intercourse, so I prefer clitoral stimulation over G-spot stimulation. But every girl is different."

"How to make a woman orgasm"?

"It really depends on the woman. Most women just need a lot of foreplay to be turned on enough to even orgasm. It’s not just about finding the G-spot — it’s about a bunch of different factors, like kissing and taking your time and being tender, or being rough, depending on what the girl wants. There’s no required time to spend on foreplay — you just have to feel the vibe. Play off of her, play off of what she’s doing. If she’s trying to lead a little bit, follow her lead. She doesn’t quite want you to start having sex yet — she wants you to tease her a little bit. Above all else, don’t ask 'Is it in?' Don’t do that."

"Does anal sex hurt"?

"Yes. Yes, it does. It hurts a lot. And anyone who tells you it doesn’t and you should 'just relax' is totally the same person who tells you they just drink a lot of water and get enough sleep when you ask what they do to make their skin look so good. The only time girls do anal sex is when they really, really, really, really like a guy."

“How can I last longer in bed?”

"Pull out and go back to foreplay if you feel yourself getting too close. Tease yourself. It’s kind of like edging, when you’re masturbating — it feels much better to finally come after you’ve been teasing yourself for a while. So take the same approach when you’re having sex with a girl. She’s not gonna get mad if you pull out and start going down on her. She won’t even know that you’re trying not to come. She’ll think that you’re doing it because it’s hot, and it’ll turn her on more. Also, change positions a lot — getting your mind off the one thing that feels really good will distract you from coming too soon. Anytime you feel yourself getting too close, just pay more attention to her. Pull out and maybe finger her, or go down on her, or ask her to go down on you. There’s a bunch of things you can do."

“How to get a bigger penis manually?"

"I don’t think size matters at all. The best sex I ever had was definitely not with the most well-endowed man I’ve ever been with. It’s really all about the way you treat a girl and the way she feels about you. To me, climax is more about how I feel about a person rather than what they’re doing. I don’t know if most girls are like that, but I would definitely say don’t skip holding the door open for her, don’t skip foreplay. All of that factors in whether a girl climaxes."

Well, guys, we sure do hope you learned something valuable! To see Mia Khalifa answer more frequently searched sex questions, head on over to Men's Health.

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