Mia Khalifa Talks About The Only Guy Who Has Actually Slid Into Her DMs

Go ahead and say what you want to about Mia Khalifa, but, let's all be honest for a second, she seems to be everyone's guilty pleasure.

That can be proven by her social media presence—which includes over 900,000 Instagram followers—the fact that she's a hilarious follow on Twitter and, more importantly, that she was the most-searched porn star, according to adult site xHamster, even though she's retired now.

And, regardless of your thoughts on the lady, she's still a hot commodity, with guys doing whatever they can to try and hit on her and get her attention.

Case in point, like most sexy women, the stories of men trying to "slide into her DMs" on Instagram.

Well, while Mia Khalifa has been known to swat away requests, one man showed that he could penetrate her social media inbox, with the former adult star talking about how it happened, via the ESPN radio show, Russillo & Kanell.

"I’ve only actually ever responded to one DM positively and that was very recently, and now I’m kind of seeing him, I guess."

Of course, this comes from a woman who savagely shot down former Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly on social media, telling the radio show this about his piss-poor attempt.

"His [nickname] is Swag Kelly. That should be enough to ask for a public humiliation. I don’t feel bad about it because he reactivated his Twitter and re-slid in my DMs like he didn’t learn anything the first time."

Unfortunately, we have a feeling the man who successfully got Mia Khalifa's attention isn't Chad Kelly—but we'd really like to know how he not only got her attention, but was actually able to become her pseudo boyfriend now!


Lead Image via Instagram/miakhalifa

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