JuJu Smith-Schuster Gave Mia Khalifa "The Heisman" On Twitter And Damn, She Really Can't Catch A Break

Another day, another Mia Khalifa Twitter drama. This time, Mia had an unfortunate social media encounter with NFL star, John "JuJu" Smith-Schuster. At 20 years old, JuJu is the youngest player in the league. He's basically living the freakin' life. What were you doing at 20? Not playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers, that's for sure! Despite being so young, he's definitely wised up to the potential pitfalls of flirting with Mia Khalifa on Twitter.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, "giving someone The Heisman", don't worry about it. That's what Urban Dictionary is for — "a rejection given to a member of the opposite sex, a job, or anything no longer wanted. Named after the Heisman trophy, which depicts a football player giving a stiff-arm block to a tackle."

After seeing this cringe-worthy exchange, you'll have no doubt that we chose the right adage...

Was JuJu's response funny? Absolutely! But was it entirely necessary? Eh, we don't think so. We recognize that Khalifa has a pretty sordid past when it comes to professional athletes and Twitter, but, c'mon — give the lady a break! She was just trying to get her innocent flirt on. No need to shoot her down like that. Also, puh-lease, look at her! Any dude would be lucky to get her attention ...

Yep, that's what we thought! Any red blood 20 year old dude should be smitten with her Tweeting at them. JuJu is just feeding into the hype! We hate to pull a Chris Crocker circa 2007, but leave Mia Khalifa alone!

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