'Cowboy Nation' Claps Back At Mia Khalifa For Tweeting, 'I'd Rather Date A Vegan Than A Cowboys Fan' And It's Grade A Entertainment

Image Via Instagram/miakhalifa

It seems no matter how long it's been since Mia Khalifa's rise and fall from porn-fame, she's still remained as ever-relevant on Twitter. Perhaps it's because fans of her work are desperately awaiting the announcement of her comeback, or perhaps it's because she's reaaallllly good at stirring the pot when it comes to pissing off sport's fans. From hockey and lacrosse to professional football. Khalifa has become somewhat of a super fan, herself. Ready and willing to combat anyone who may not share in the same team loyalties. This past weekend was no exception when she went after Cowboy Nation.

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Cowboy Nation consists of some pretty die hard fans. I mean, isn't it common knowledge that The Cowboys aren't exactly the most morally/ethically sound team in the NFL? If you support them, it stands to reason you'd have no problem roasting a retired adult film actresses on social media. But it wasn't just Cowboy fans digging into Khalifa, it was EV-ERY-ONE —

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