The Miami Heat Debuted Their 'Miami Vice' Inspired Jerseys And They're The Perfect Homage To The 1980s

Image Via Twitter

OK, not to totally geek out like 16-year-old Hypebeast who use his mother's credit card at Supreme, but these Miami Heat Miami Vice inspired jerseys are truly a work of art. If we had to describe them in a word (or two) it would be, "RiFF RAFF" — yes, the 35-year-old rapper with fang-like grills and cotton candy colored hair. There's just something about the whole look that screams his aesthetic. Of course, we mean this in the most complimentary sense. Also, if anyone sees RiFF photographed wearing this jersey in the coming months, we called it!

Moving forward, for those of you who grew up under a rock (or simply were born post 1980s) Miami Vice was an iconic detective series known for stylish clothing and F'ing up bad guys. It only seems appropriate that the Miami Heat, NBA's most notorious team, would choose to channel those vibes for their alternate jersey. As per the Miami Herald

"The uniform combo, which were first seen last month when a leaked version appeared on the internet, contains white jerseys with pink, black and powder blue accents — a color scheme synonymous with that of the TV show “Miami Vice.” Player numbers will be powder blue with black and pink shadowing, and the word “Miami” is written in the same pink color and script that appeared on the front of the old Miami Arena, which served as the Heat’s home arena from 1988-1999."

Naturally, we've got some images to show you guys below. Say what you will about the pastel/neon/electric color scheme, but, we're diggin' it. Frankly, we would have preferred the entire jersey to be magenta with white and blue accents. Now, that would have been a look.

See what we're saying, guys? Pretty legit looking uniforms, if you ask us! Our only question, when are these hitting stores? We can't wait to pay an obscene amount of money for one.

Image Via Twitter/MiamiHEAT


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