Michael Jordan Is A Trash-Talk GOD, And MLB Player Josh Donaldson Found Out Why On The Golf Course

Image via Instagram

Six-time NBA champion and current Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan has long been viewed as the single-best trash-talker in the history of sports. And more than just running his mouth, MJ knew how to back it up, often getting the best of his opponents by getting into their minds first, then besting them in whatever competition they were going at.

So when Toronto Blue Jays slugger and 2015 AL MVP Josh Donaldson found himself on the golf course with Jordan, he witnessed what it was like to be at the mercy of His Airness—and he described the whole thing to MLB Network.


Donaldson went low blow on Jordan by saying he'd rather have Reggie Miller with the ball in his hands when the pressure's the highest, but MJ's remark was the type of mic dropping moment we've all grown accustomed to hear from him.

That said, the Blue Jays slugger made it sound as if Jordan missed the par putt, so, technically, he got the best of MJ in golf—but, when it comes to trash-talk, no one gets the best of Michael Jordan.


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