Michael Jordan's Reason For Skipping The National Championship Is Every Sports Fan

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Basketball Hall of Famer Michael Jordan is one of the fiercest competitors to ever play any sport, let alone just walk on planet earth. I mean, the guy has six NBA titles and millions of dollars, is known to gamble for the sake of creating a challenge and is generally thought of as the most successful athlete ever, no matter what sport you're talking about.

That said, his Airness does still have tendencies that common folks like you or I have—and one of those things were revealed prior to last night's NCAA Tournament national title game between North Carolina and Gonzaga.

Jordan, who played three seasons at North Carolina in the '80s, didn't want to jinx his Tar Heels, so, you got it, he actually skipped the game last night because he's superstitious, believing that he may have cursed the team during last year's national title game loss to Villanova.

Allow UNC's head coach Roy Williams to explain, via USA Today and Dan Patrick's radio show:

“He’s superstitious like I am,’’ Williams told USA TODAY Sports, while adding that he had not had a chance to see if Jordan had left him a congratulatory voicemail. “He came last year, and we lost.”

"People asked me the last day and a half if he was going to come. I said ‘he hasn’t called but guys, knowing him, he’ll say that he went last year and we lost.’ So that’s what I was thinking. Our assistant AD and I were walking to the bus last night and I said ‘I want to bet you a dollar, I’ll give you any odds you want, I bet there’s a text message from Michael or a voicemail from Michael and he’s going to say something about coming last year.’ And sure enough, I got on the bus and got my phone. I had quite a few messages and one of them was from Michael, so I collected some money last night.”

See, just when you thought you and Michael Jordan couldn't possible have anything in common, the hoops legend thinks that his presence at a basketball game would potentially bring bad luck—so never feel strange about wearing those lucky, pizza sauce-stained sweatpants during your favorite team's game ever again.

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