Michelle Lewin Teases Us With A Homemade Wardrobe Malfunction

There are few women on planet earth with the talents and sex appeal of fitness model Michelle Lewin, who, time after time, continues to show why so many people can't help but get their fill of the brunette beauty on Instagram.

In fact, the 31-year-old is so popular that she's racked up an insane 10.5 million followers on the social app, proving that a lot of people need to see what's going on in her life.

And, oh boy, did Michelle give her followers something today that they've got to enjoy—a video of her poking through a tiny shirt as he husband cuts it to create a homemade wardrobe malfunction. Take a look for yourself!

Now, this is why we remain on Instagram... among other reasons.

While there aren't too many people out there who would openly create a wardrobe malfunction—and then post it—Michelle Lewin's clearly not every woman, which is good and bad, because, while we'd love to have more ladies like her, who wants everyone being the exact same? Not us. For that reason, just keep on doing you, Michelle, it's working out pretty well for you.

Since we adore the hell out of Michelle Lewin so much, here are some more pics to admire of her.

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