Imagine That, Miley Cyrus Has Looked Pretty Sexy In Daisy Duke Jean Shorts Lately

Back in the day, when we heard the name Miley Cyrus, very rarely did we ever think the the first word that came to mind would be sexy. It's not that the musician hasn't been cute, but it was just that, as she played up the whole teeny bopper thing that appealed to her audience—which, let's be honest, worked well for her.

Now, though? Well, damn, one look at the 24-year-old Miley's Instagram account and sexy might start being something we think more about, because she's growing up right before our very eyes—and some of her most recent pics to help promote her newest song "Malibu" are further proof of that.

While Miley Cyrus has always been a little out there with her fashion choices—again, something that's worked well for her—she keeps it All-American and traditional in these photos, donning some high-riding Daisy Duke jean shorts that showcase some killer legs.

Honestly, we had no idea she had such stems, but we're pretty happy Miley decided to flaunt them a little bit—because we're fans of this "new" look she's got going on.

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