Milica Pavlovic, Dubbed 'Serbia's Sexiest Singer', Pops Out Of Her Top While Performing On Stage

Milica Pavlovic, the woman who has been dubbed as "Serbia's Sexiest Singer," suffered a wardrobe malfunction while on stage at a recent show—unbeknownst to her.

Performing in front of a packed arena, Milica—wearing a tight, gold corset—got a little too into her jumping and dancing, causing her breasts to pop out for the entire crowd to see. And, because we all have cell phones, someone caught the moment on camera.


The crowd already seemed to be into the song, but after Pavlovic's boob accidentally got exposed, things got taken to the next level.

While Milica Pavlovic didn't plan for something like this to happen, at least it gives us a chance to show her off by giving you more pics of the Serbian stunner, so take a peek to see how sexy she looks in some of her Instagram pics.

The Sun

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