Top U.S. Military Exercises That'll Have You Looking Like Sergeant Shredded In No Time

Image Via The U.S. Army

Frankly speaking, I think it's a wee-bit insulting to suggest that anyone is as physically fit as soldier without actually having been a soldier, you know? Ultimately, how are you going to prove it unless you've actually hit the battlefield? I don't know, maybe that's just me! I'm not exactly what you'd call a health and fitness junkie, but I can relay information with the best of 'em — that much I can promise you!

Currently the Army Physical Fitness Test is about as rigorous as the requirements to become a Navy SEAL. Again, I don't want to insult any military-folk, just calling it like I see it! This test is actually now referred to as the Army Combat Readiness Test. Essentially the idea is that if you can complete this, then you're most definitely as physically fit as a U.S. soldier (or at the very least, physically capable of joining the military).

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The Army Combat Readiness Test

Specialized Routines:

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