Sex: From "Self-Pleasing" Habits To The Top Positions (According To New Study)

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Sex seems to be one of those things where we all think that we know everything about it.


The fact of the matter is, we could all use a hell of a lot more information to be both better in the sack and, even more importantly, to understand the importance of sexual health and the benefits it brings us all.

Well, today's your lucky day, fellas, because, thanks to Skyn condoms—who performed a study by talking to 20-somethings about their sexual habits—we have some interesting facts about what people are doing when it comes to sexual behavior.

First, notice how frequently both men and women are masturbating, with 50 percent of men and 44 percent of women actually admitting that they experience multiple orgasms during a solo session.

Next, the 20-somethings talked about what really turns them on the most, with sexting appearing to be one way men and women get down, with 48 percent saying they sext at least once per week. Oh, and if you're looking for love, dating apps might be your best best—if this survey is any indication.

As for those looking for a one night stand, well, New York might be the most sexually active city in the United States, but it's actually Houston that's your best bet to sneak in some naughty time for a quick sex session, followed by San Francisco and Washington D.C.

Got your eye on a brunette to hook up with? You might want to change your mind—and your type—because, according to the Skyn condoms survey, it's blondes who are most active sexually.

Finally, you just know Skyn had to ask which positions people are getting down and dirty in the most, with doggy style taking the top honor. Of course, missionary remains popular for both singles and those in a relationship, but, interestingly, those in a relationship admitted to going with it more frequently.

Now that you know all of this, go ahead and use it to your advantage, guys, because, as we said above, you can never know enough about sex!

View the entire details of Skyn condoms' study on their website.

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