What Do Millennials Really Want In Bed? A Survey Revealed The Dirty Results

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From Millennial trends, to the millennial lifestyle to millennial woes — all anyone can talk about nowadays is millennials. It's as if we're living in some nightmare where this terribly annoying buzzword refuses to die. In all fairness, people still use the term, "Baby Boomer" so we suppose we'll just have to grin and bear it.



In the spirit of that, we're taking this millennial word vomit and putting it to good use. If we HAVE to talk about them (in truth, we are them) it might has well be about a subject we hold near and dear to our hearts — sex.

In a recent survey conducted by the condom brand, Skyn, millennials were polled on everything from favorite position to masturbation habits and as you might've guessed the dirty little results are in!

Considering most millennials are highly-visual creatures, we've got these nifty infographics to share with y'all...

What Qualities Are Millennials Looking For?

Condoms Or Lube?

What Position Reigns Supreme?

Where's The Best Place For A One Night Stand?

What Hair Color Do Millennials Find Most Enjoyable?

Millennial Online Dating Trends


We suppose the biggest take home from this survey is that millennials in Washington D.C., Houston, and San Francisco really know how to let loose — looks like we know where we're headed on our next vacation. Remember, sex between two (or more, if you're into that) consenting adults is absolutely encouraged, but if you aren't willing to practice safe sex, you shouldn't be doing it at all.

Oh, and if there's any hesitation about getting out there and dying your hair blonde — as you saw, it looks like they sit atop the millennial empire as the most sexually desirable. Eminem circa 1999, here we come!

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