Miss Bum Bum Suzy Cortez Shares An A+ Shot Of Her Award-Winning Derriere (And We Can't Look Away)

When you've earned the title as "Miss Bum Bum" as model Suzy Cortez has, you know that she's going to do pretty much everything she can to flaunt her near-perfect booty. I mean, after all, the whole point of the contest is to discover and reward the woman with the best derriere in Brazil—which, we'd imagine, has some stiff competition—so when you win, it's only natural to show-off that moneymaker.


And, thankfully, Suzy doesn't hold back in doing just that.

The 27-year-old brunette made sure we're paying close attention to her Instagram, sharing a sexy butt shot for her 964,000 followers to drool over... and, yep, we're having a difficult time looking away from it.

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Suzy Cortez rose to fame by winning Miss Bum Bum back in 2015, but has continuously reminded us time and time again that she's not willing to just fade into oblivion. In fact, she even made news in 2016 for flirting with soccer superstar Lionel Messi hard, with the Argentine legend even blocking Cortez for sending her too many pics to his DMs, per DailyMail.

The Playboy model, who was recently named Miss Bumbum Brazil, says she has been blocked after months of plaguing FC Barcelona forward Lionel Messi with racy selfies.

Speaking of the alleged blocking, Suzy told MailOnline: 'Much of this has to do with his girlfriend, Antonella Roccuzzo who has, rather unsurprisingly not taken well to the idea of a model sending her partner x-rated posterior pics.'

She added: 'I was surprised and upset after finding my profile blocked. I do not believe it was the #messi, so I launched the campaign #UnBlockMeMessi.'

So, yep, Suzy Cortez is so soccer-obsessed with Lionel Messi that she even started a campaign for the guy to unblock her on social media. Must be a tough life having such a beautiful woman pursuing you so hard, huh?

As Suzy's pics below show, she's got a top-notch booty, isn't afraid to flaunt it and, oh yeah, she's really into showing Messi—and other soccer teams—lots of love.

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