Chelsea Morgensen, Miss Hooters International 2017, Tells Us All About Her Big Win (And Offers Some Dating Advice To Boot)

Just last week we had the pleasure of introducing you guys to the lovely, Chelsea Morgensen, this year's Miss Hooters International winner and an all around great gal! Now, we're not speculating here when we say she's great—we know for a fact! How? Because she was kind enough to chat with FHM about a couple of things ranging from her big win and future as an actress, to some helpful dating tips for all the lonely gents out there!

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We know you guys will certainly enjoy the interview, and seriously, be sure to pay attention! How often do you get quality dating advice from someone who knows what they're talking about? Nope, your Mother doesn't count! Sit back, relax, and get to know Chelsea!

FHM: So, for starters, what did it feel like to take home the big win?

Chelsea Morgensen: "I was shocked, overwhelmed with excitement, and so ready to get started with my year full of photo shoots, interviews, store openings and different events! I was also extremely happy and proud to take the win back home to the West Coast because it's been a long time since the west coast has held the crown! Of course, it was also a huge bonus to take home that $30,000 cash prize! It will definitely make living a little easier for a while!"

FHM: Now that you've snagged the title, do you have any responsibilities associated with the role?

Chelsea Morgensen: "For the next year I will be the face of the fun iconic brand! I will appear in advertisements, commercials and much more! I will make appearances at store openings, different locations during calendar tours, at the Nascar races in November cheering on Chase Elliott in the Hooters sponsored number 24 Chevy at the Texas Motor Speedway and other events throughout the year! I also want to use my title to help encourage young girls and women to follow their dreams, believe in themselves and love who they are!"

FHM: How did you get into modeling? Was it something you've wanted to do since you were young or did you sort of just fall into it?

Chelsea Morgensen: "I sort of fell into it actually! I grew tall enough and I had people tell me I should be a model! So when I was 15 I went to a modeling agency in Houston and since then I have traveled all over the US, NYC, China, Australia, New Zealand and now live in Los Angeles! I've appeared in national commercials here in the USA and a few other countries and have appeared in multiple magazines! I also walked in New York fashion Week and Sydney Fashion Week. I absolutely love it and am now really focusing on my acting career! Cough, cough if anyone has any projects and needs a girl like me, hi!"

FHM: Now, of course we did a little a recon and we know you're in a relationship! Charlie is a lucky guy! And a fire fighter to boot! That's pretty bad ass. How did you two meet?

Chelsea Morgensen: "He is! I'm so proud of him! We actually met our freshman year of high school in math class! Long story short, we remained good friends over the last few years. He went to my birthday gatherings over the years and to a few other things like the air show in our hometown Laredo, TX! This last November we reconnected when I was home for Thanksgiving and after 7 years of being friends, I finally realized he was really pretty great! I won't share too much because a girl never kisses and tells;) But I will say I've never been happier!"

FHM: For all the guys out there looking to date a lady as beautiful and talented as yourself, what advice would you give on winning a gal over?

Chelsea Morgensen: "Be yourself, know how to make a girl laugh, buy her food... lots of food! Haha and treat her right. I don't know about every other girl but I still believe in chivalry!"

FHM: Would you encourage men to use resources like dating apps to meet women or do you a think a more old school approach is best?

Chelsea Morgensen: "I actually have a cousin who met his soulmate online and is now married with a super cute baby girl! These days with everyone being so busy sometimes it's hard to meet someone the old fashion way so if you're up for it I say go for it! I personally have always preferred meeting people the old school way, but I always say do what makes you happy!"

FHM: What's next for you? Not to go with the cliche question, but where do you see yourself in 10-years?

Chelsea Morgensen: "So like I mentioned earlier, I'm focusing on my acting career! I have a feature film I was in called The Hardest Thing and I believe that will be available to watch some time this year! I was also in a sitcom pilot called Lisa at Large. I truly believe it has the potential to make it big! I hope it falls into the right hands and is on TV soon! I'm also working on signing with an agency to get into bigger doors for bigger opportunities! So in 10 years I hope you'll be watching me on TV and on the big screen! Keep your fingers crossed for me!"

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