Hot Teacher Named Maria Wilkes Is Quitting Her Job To Compete In The Miss Universe Pageant

People quit their jobs to go after their dreams every single day — and it should be commended if they do — so let's just go ahead and give a slow clap for this teacher named Maria Wilkes, because she's leaving her post as a school instructor to live out her dream of competing in the Miss Universe pageant.


Trading in her books for bikinis, among other things, the 26-year-old Maria is leaving her post as a language teacher at the Channing School in Highgate, North London, which is considered to be one of the most prestigious schools for girls, taking part in the Great Britain heat in hopes of representing the UK at Miss Universe.

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Talking to the Daily Star, here's what Maria Wilkes had to say about her decision to go for her dream:

“I’m leaving teaching out of choice, but only for the time being.

“While I am still contracted at my school, I am afraid I will not be able to do any further interviews until July.”

“This is my first beauty pageant and I am honored to have been chosen as a finalist.

“Teaching French and Spanish at an all-girls school has allowed me to deliver my insights and love of other cultures to young women and give them the confidence and the ability to communicate in multiple languages.

“I am already Miss Wilkes, but it would be my dream to become Miss Universe Great Britain.”

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Of course, not everyone is excited about her making such a leap — especially given the exposure of the contest — with some parents reacting quite wildly, as one even went as far as saying that this is "inappropriate and setting bad example to her female students."

Originally from Venezuela, Maria Wilkes has already set up a YouTube channel and a fashion blog, so this dream of hers is just taking the next step. Here's to her getting a chance to compete—although, we know it's pretty stuff competition.

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