Some Dude Emailed EVERY SINGLE "Claudia" At Missouri State University Hoping To Find A Gal On Tinder He Liked

Image Via Twitter

Well, guys, we're not exactly sure if this tactic is creepy or straight-up romantic, but it's definitely one way to grab a girl's attention. In what we're calling a "modern day Cinderella story", one college student's quest to find his Tinder-ella, has become an overnight viral sensation. Hayden Moll, a student at Missouri State University, accidentally swiped left on another MSU student, Claudia. Instead of letting it go (like, well, any other normal person would) he proceeded to email every Claudia that attends the school. Yes, you read that correctly, every single freakin' Claudia. Oh, and for those of you who don't know, swiping left is the Tinder equivalent of rejecting someone.

Upon doing some basic research, there are 26,000 students who attend Missouri State University. As per Hayden's email, he managed to reach out to 41 students named Claudia. Now, we're not suggesting his search was impossible, but it was fairly unlikely that he'd manage to get ahold of his one true Claudia. Turns out, even in real life, fairytales happen. Below, you'll find the original tweet from Claudia after she received Hayden's email. It has since been retweeted over 20,000 times, a number that continues to grow by the hour!

There has yet to be any follow up information on whether Hayden snagged a date with Claudia, but as you can tell from her viral Twitter success, he's definitely left an impression. Now, as we suggested earlier, we're not exactly sure this is the best way to go about impressing a lady. Some might even suggest this kind of behavior is, well, erm, "stalkerish". That being said, it is 2018 and we guess anything goes in the world of online dating! We suppose going viral isn't the worst thing that can happen following a Tinder fail.

Lead Image Via Twitter/claudiaalley

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