Amateur MMA Fighter Pulls Off CRAZY Left High Kick (Cue 'Mortal Kombat' KO)

Image Via Twitter/@Grabaka_Hitman

The only real knowledge I have of professional fighting (pretty sure I'm botching this already) is The WWE. I used to watch it quite a bit as a kid and even then, I wasn't impressed. Sure, it takes a lot of stamina and training but I just don't generally enjoy watching people get the shit kicked out of them (simulated or otherwise).

That being said, THIS is impressive. I can hardly bend down to tie my shoe without breaking a sweat, let alone knock someone THE F*CK OUT with a perfect high left kick to the dome. I almost made a Chuck Norris joke in the headline....but I thought it was a bit dated. Seriously though, this kick would have made Chuck Norris blush.

Again, I don't really subscribe to this sort of entertainment, but good for you, Jordan Fowler! You guys can see for yourselves below. Warning: it's pretty F'in intense!

According to Bleacher Report—"Jordan Fowler entered with a lousy 2-6 amateur record, officially, while Dylan Goforth was a perfect 2-0, per MixedMartialArts.com. The White County Fairgrounds was set up for Goforth to shine. The members of Tapology were almost unanimous, as 96 percent picked Goforth to continue his streak."

Alright, so as per those stats you'd think it would be a one and done match. Goforth will inevitably take the win, yeah? No, not quite. Again from Bleacher—"Fowler immediately launched, and landed, a left high kick that would have made Mirko Cro Cop proud. Goforth hit the canvas in a heap. He was out...cold. In just four seconds. Per Pyramid Fights, the head kick marks a new Arkansas record for fastest KO."

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