Sarah Scotford, Model And Margot Robbie's Stand, Tells Us About Her Dream Man

Image via Instagram

Not long ago, we introduced you to the tantalizing Sarah Scotford, the sexy model and stand in actress that we can't stop crushing all over on Instagram.

While we talked about her talented work and just as impressive photos, we were able to reach out to Sarah to get a little bit more personal, with the blonde beauty revealing the things she looks for the most when it comes to men.

FHM: OK, Sarah, Finish This Sentence: 'My Ideal Man Is...'.

Sarah Scotford: "Physically he's fit and into taking care of himself. Not a complete health nut or anything, I don't want to hear about gains, macros or any of that nonsense. Manscaping is a big thumbs up and so is hygiene. He doesn't wear cheap body sprays, but opts for a nice cologne instead. He's got swagger like Conor McGregor, but keeps a low profile about it. He's got drive and ambition and does whatever it takes to succeed—Nothing's sexier than an intelligent man with drive. He's nurturing and isn't afraid to show his soft side. He doesn't sit on his phone during dates, take copious amounts of selfies and isn't wrapped up with social media. Most importantly, he loves me, isn't afraid to say it, show it and go with it."

FHM: We Absolutely Took Notes. What About Pick-Up Lines? Have You heard Them All?

Sarah Scotford: "To be completely honest, I don't get hit on all that much or get awkward DMs—thank God! I can usually tell if an approach might happen, so I'll duck and run for cover. I'm super weird when it comes to small talk, and social settings get me so anxious sometimes that I just end up staying in. There used to be this reject hotline that I would give out instead of my real number."

FHM: Damn! That's Harsh! If Not Through Cheesy Pick-Up Lines, Then What Can A Man Do To Land His Dream Woman?

Sarah Scotford: "The best advice I can give to land the woman of your dreams is to be clear about the girl you're after, be persistent, but not pushy. Don't drop your life or friends to be with her. Stay the same, do not change for her. Make her feel loved, secure and beautiful. It's all about the right amount of attention. Too little and we'll stray. Too much, we'll loose interest. Find the right balance and never ever project your fears."

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Lead image via Sarah Scotford.

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