Model CJ Franco Tells You How To Get Lucky At A Music Festival

What's that bright orange thing in the sky? Oh, right, that's the sun, something that we've been deprived of for the past six month it seems. But, thanks to the calendar continuing to change, we're ever so close to it finally feeling like springtime.

As we wait for the warmer weather to come, the unofficial start to the spring is, without a doubt, festival season, as partygoers and music-lovers slip on their sunglasses, shorts and backwards caps to take in some of the best tunes around.

With Coachella's first weekend starting tonight, we have one of our favorite women, model Cj Franco, tell us what every man wants to know—how to get lucky at a music festival. Her tips are appreciated.

You don’t need to go on missed connections to achieve your goals, you just need to be smart if you're trying to get some extra special memories this year.

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