Model Describes Her Experiences With 700 Men

Paola Saulino is an Italian adult film star who has recently completed her Pompa Tour,whereupon she performed oral sex on 700 men (out of an original, 10,000 applicants)--and it was about as intense as you might imagine something like would be.

Why did she give 700 blow jobs to 700 strangers? That's a good question! Saulino had pledged last year to pleasure every man who voted against the constitutional reforms of former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. Talk about taking a serious political stand, right? Kudos to her, she really knows how to bring attention to a cause that she felt strongly about--even if it was in the most untraditional way ever.

Here's how Saulino described the oral initiative of hers:

"Pompa Tour is a movement. No one can stop it. It’s a movement, it’s a lifestyle. I want to start a sexual revolution. I am getting my power back and I am doing this for all the girls in the world."

The adult star also went on to mention that she could have done far more with at least one other person--which, in hindsight, is more than a little too much information.

While Paola Saulino's movement may not have been the most conventional means of bringing forth change, as long as everyone was comfortable and consenting with the whole process, why not take part? Stranger revolutions have happened...we just don't want to know about them.


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