Model Emily Lyons Shares 6 Tips For Ultimate Success

Image via Natasha Gerschon

An innovator. A CEO. And an all-around beautiful model.

If that's not the perfect medley of gorgeous and gifted, I don't know what is. That also happens to describe Emily Lyons, who's a model and the CEO and founder of a top-flight Canadian modeling agency called Femme Fatale Media.

With such success in both her personal and business endeavors, Emily Lyons opened up to spill her own tips for success—which are absolutely worth writing down.

1. Be Open to Life’s Possibilities

A lot of young people don't know what they want to do and think they have to. Opening yourself up to life’s possibilities might put you in a better position to, eventually, take the world by storm. You don’t have to find your “true passions” when you’re 20, so experiment, try things out, see what works for you and what doesn’t.

And if your parents voice quiet concerns to each other about where you're going in life—when they see you for the holidays—just try not to worry about it too much.

2. Work Harder Than Everyone Else

Having created three successful companies before she turned 30, when I say that working harder than everyone else is an important ingredient to success, I mean it. If you’re not determined to put in the time necessary for your success, then it’s not going to happen. Hard work pays off, so get off your butt and start hustling (well, just as soon as you finish reading this).

3. Create Your Own Path

‘Cause no one who’s truly successful has done that by following the script, right? Who wants to live a boring life, anyway? Forge your own trail, or else you’ll get stuck in a sticky web of regret later in life.

4. Be Nice

You don’t come across this one often, but, yep, it’s absolutely important. If you’re not nice (without being a pushover, of course), then you’ll end up burning all your bridges and end up isolated in life. That’s hardly the definition of “success” the last time I checked. Basically, don’t be boorish and mean.

5. Take Risks, and Take Them Often

I don't believe in living a fail-safe life, because that’s just one more road to mediocrity. So, no matter how much you feel like puking when you think about taking that big risk in your life, do it! Then, when you think you've had enough, take some more risks. But, make sure you’re taking calculated risks. Risk-taking just for the sake of risking-it-all doesn’t always lead to success.

6. Ignore Unhelpful Critics

As a model, rejection is just part of the job. But, if you're going to succeed, you better learn fast how to take shade that's thrown your way and turn it into something brighter. That means putting the haters and naysayers and doubters on mute and just doing your thing. Because, after all, this is your life, and unhelpful critics don’t add anything of value to your life.

All images courtesy of Natasha Gerschon, whose work can be found on both her website and Instagram account.