Model Kelly Klein Walking Through The Streets Of London In Just Body Paint Is An Attention Grabber

Social experiments are important to get an idea of different behaviors and such, but there hasn't been one better than this one featuring sexy model Kelly Klein walking around the streets of London in nothing but body paint, just begging for reactions from onlookers.


According to Daily Mail—which helped arranged the experiment—body paint artist Sarah Ashleigh spent two hours painting the fake top on Kelly Klein, hoping to see how people on the street would respond.

The result? As you might expect, lots of people looking, with the experiment showing that at least 19 people were caught looking in just a matter of 10 minutes. Added the model, "It's really cold. You feel very exposed at first. You forget but then with certain people's reactions you remember that you've got no clothes on."

We can appreciate her hard work and dedication to the project—and really love what she's got going on with her Instagram account, too!

Daily Mail

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