Model Lisa Brooke Explains The 8 Traits That She Looks For In A Guy

Images via Toby Acuna and Hadley Obusan

Guys, there are a lot of things that we do to try and make ourselves more appealing to sexy women. And because most of those aren't always the right things, we asked model Lisa Brooke to lend a hand and reveal what she looks for in a guy.


I think laughing with your significant other is extremely important. If you can make me laugh and understand my obnoxious sarcasm—and then dish it right back to me—then you're already one step ahead of the game. I like to have fun, do things we might regret in the morning, and be kept on my toes.

Someone Trustworthy

I would say I am a pretty good judge of character, but I've definitely had my share of horrible experiences with guys trying to be slick when they're not. To be trustworthy means keeping the secrets I tell you to yourself, having my back and, obviously, not cheating.

Someone Genuine

There's almost nothing worse than a guy who tells me everything I want to hear.  Like, you know, saying "I love you" on the third date. I'd rather not hear all the things you see happening in the future if it's not what you really mean. It's pretty simple with me: Say it if you mean it. I'm so blunt and honest, so I expect the same from someone who wants to date me. 


Plan a surprise for us. Something like an exciting weekend away, a picnic in the park, or something else cute and out of the blue. I love to travel to new places and try new things, but I don't want to always be the one coming up with the exciting ideas to keep our relationship spicy.

Someone Motivated

I want to be with a guy I can look up to, hold an intelligent conversation with and go to for advice. Someone who understands my drive—I'm currently on my second start-up—who works hard and isn't lazy.

Someone Good Between The Sheets

Just saying... And if you're not, listen to what us girls tell you we like and start doing it. The quickest way for me to lose interest is by making it all about you, so this is important.

Someone With Good Hygiene

I'm big into health, wellness and fitness, and, of course, brushing my teeth. If you eat bad, smoke or don't work out, shave, shower and all that stuff, it's probably not going to work out—with most ladies, not just me.

Someone Focused On Our Future

One day I hope to get married, have some babies of my own and have a bunch of little French bulldogs and Boston terriers running around. Is that too much to ask for?

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All images via Toby Acuna and Hadley Obusan