Male Model Pays $11 For A Nose Job And, Shocking, It Turned Out Like Absolute Crap (Pics)

Image via Break

There are a lot of things I would pay $11 for. A burger and some fries at some terrible chain restaurant comes to mind. A beer at a sporting event is on that list. And, of course, who wouldn't pay $11 for lottery tickets to try and win the Powerball? That's some money well spent, right there.

Unfortunately, spending $11 isn't always so rewarding, as one male model in the Philippines found out after he actually spend that exact amount on a nose job, absolutely getting what he paid for.

The kid, who had already been enjoying a somewhat decent career—I mean, he was getting work, which is always the goal of a model—figured a nose job might help kickstart his career. Wrong. Instead of more opportunities, he found himself in the hospital, where doctors had discovered that the kid went to a beautician for the procedure, with the person injecting wax into his schnoz.

Here's a bit of advice for anyone who feels like they "need" plastic surgery—go to a, I don't know, plastic surgeon who know what he or she is doing rather than some whack job who thinks wax is a solid alternative for such a procedure. Hope this kid can find a real doctor to fix his nose, because, damn.

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