Models Wearing NOTHING BUT TAPE Are Quite The Awesome Attraction

There are a lot of interesting ways that sexy women like to show themselves off for the camera, but one that we just found out about is, arguably, the hottest—because it involves no clothing at all. No, seriously.

While this isn't really a trend—well, that we know of—it is a project so to speak, with some photographer deciding to just "outfit" a bunch of hot ladies in nothing but tape and then taking their pictures for all of us to enjoy.

Guys, this is the greatest idea since stuffed crust pizza or Code Red Mountain Dew, in our personal opinion.

Think about what this dude is doing for a second. He's basically asking models to strip off all their clothes, be 100 percent comfortable and natural and then putting black tape over them so not to reveal too much skin. It's like a real-life black censor bar—and, somehow, it's really, really hot.

This is awesome, and we just can't help but look at as many pics as possible of the women willing to participate. If only we were smart enough to think of this!

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