Classic, Blueberry, And Tequila Mojito Recipes Because This Cold Weather Could Use Some Rum

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It's #NationalMojitoDay, ya'll! You know what that means—skipping work to drink authentic Cuban deliciousness all day. Just kidding, sorta. Certainly no judgement here. It's a beautiful day (at least in New York City). So, by all means, do your thang.

Now, to be fair, there's literally 1,000 variations of the classic mojito, but rather than overwhelm you with options like Pear Lychee Basil (although, that sounds delicious), I figured I'd throw some simple, yet refreshing options your way. Plus, I consider them to be the more manly mojito flavors —because I know how dudes get about girly-drinks.

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If you're not into rum at all, the tequila option is your best bet. Although, I've gotta tell you, these recipes produce some seriously uh-mazing drinks. If you're not into hard liquor at all, well, sucks for you! No, no, that's not nice. We've got PLENTY of beer options for you below. Enjoy!

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