Web Girl Molly Cavalli Suffers Shark Bite During The Worst Idea For A Live Underwater Broadcast EVER

Image Via Instagram/iammollyxoxo

I have a lot of opinions about sending a woman who has absolutely no experience with sharks under water to swim with sharks, but hey! What do I know? I guess 2017 is all about stories and not standards, so if anything Molly Cavalli getting mauled by a shark was the intent, although I'd really like to believe otherwise.

According Camsoda's YouTube page—"model Molly Cavalli was bitten while broadcasting from a shark cage. In Camsoda’s first live underwater broadcast attempt, Molly Cavalli jumped into a shark cage off the coast of Florida. The underwater broadcast had to be cut short when Molly’s foot stuck out of the cage and was bitten by a lemon shark. Don’t worry though, Molly is doing just fine. She had to get 20 stitches but she is in good spirits and grateful for her quick recovery. First pioneered with POV guy, Camsoda has been working on a mobile hardware solution that allows models to broadcast from anywhere in the world. The custom built hardware was recently upgraded to support go-pro cameras and underwater live feeds."

Can someone explain to me logistically why CamSoda, a YouTube page dedicated to cam girls, needs to do a live underwater broadcast? Men are not any LESS LIKELY to get boners if you just keep the women on dry land and safe from any harm. This was her Instagram post from that ill-fated date:

She even asked for people to wish her good luck!! She must have known deep down that it was just a really shitty idea, but we all do crazy things in the name of our careers. Although, AGAIN, still unsure why a webcam girl needs to be swimming with sharks?!

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