More Than 1 In 10 College Students Have Gotten Busy With Their Professors (According To New Study)

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For anyone who has lusted over their college professor or T.A.—we all probably have at one point—a new study from CollegeStats shows just how often those fantasies become a reality. And it's more than you would probably think.

Polling over 2,000 current and former college students, College Stats discovered the details about how many actually get the chance to say that they're the, uh, teacher's pet, revealing just how many have actually engaged in some sort of romantic or physical relationship.

What's interesting is that, according the data, neither boys nor girls were really more prominent in taking part in a relationship with his/her professor, showing that both sexes are pretty much equally turned on by an older, sexy, smartypants.

As someone who fooled around with a T.A. during the summer for a few months between my junior and senior year, I know how thrilling something like this is. Seriously, it's something that gives me bragging rights until the day I die. And, as long as both parties are of age, keep on keepin' on.

Head on over to CollegeStats to see the full data.

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