The 'Internet's Most Searched Questions' Get Answers From Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine And Alan Arkin

Image Via YouTube

Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, and Alan Arkin have a great deal in common outside of their new movie, Going in Style hitting theaters tomorrow. For example, all three have won Oscars. Morgan Freeman for Million Dollar Baby, Michael Caine for The Cider House Rules and Hannah and Her Sisters, and Alan Arkin for Little Miss Sunshine.

All three of them share the title of being some of Hollywood's most notable, iconic actors. I mean, when I think of God in human-form at least one of these men comes to mind on any given day (although Freeman really steals it because of the whole Bruce Almighty thing).

Anyway, these three legends went on YouTube to take The WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answer the Internet's most searched questions about themselves and it gets pretty f'in hilarious primarily because people Google the most ridiculous questions! Why does anyone want to know if Morgan Freeman is a ballet dance? Take a look for yourselves:



First off, I think that I would let any of them narrate my life, should the opportunity ever present itself. Secondly, for older men they have a TON of spirit (I'm wondering if the excessive wealth helps with that), it's so nice to see them kicking back and having a laugh. Can you tell that I really wish I were friends with them? Don't deny it, you wouldn't mind being friends with them either.

I think my favorite parts of the video, in summation, we're the following: Michael Caine isn't dead, Morgan Freeman doesn't like Trump (at least that's what I've gathered from his blank stare) and Alan Arkin thinks life is too short to have a Twitter. Amen to that. Life IS too short for Twitter, although I use it often so I can't really say much in defense of that.

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