Curious About What Physical Trait Women Find Most Attractive? We've Got The Answer (Hint: Say Cheese)

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Gone are the days of worrying about having washboard abs and a 10-inch penis! I mean, yeah, I'm sure life wouldn't be too bad if that were the case, but what were here to tell you is that those things that don't matter nearly as much as you think.

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According to the The Daily Star—"A new poll revealed the top physical traits that women look for in a potential new partner and a whopping 71% of ladies said a “nice smile” tops their list of requirements."

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Frankly, it's not thaaattt surprising. Teeth are super f'in important! They can literally change the entire dynamic of someone's face. I myself had braces for roughly 10-years, so I can definitely attest to the fact that a winning smile isn't easy to come by, but 100% worth having. Seriously, I'd gladly stand next to Clooney in a smile-of with the utmost confidence (you know, permitting we were getting judged on solely that).

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Daily Star continued—"The team at Remescar quizzed single 2,197 Brits about their dating preferences and found that personality was also a very important factor. According to 62% of the fairer sex, a guy with a good personality (and who they can have a laugh with) is a great catch. Other attributes that made the top five were body type (61%), good family morals (44%) and confidence (40%)."

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So, in conclusion, smile big, don't be an asshole, make her laugh, mention that you love your mom, and stand tall! Do this and you'll be the biggest ladies man around (or at the very least have one or two women interested in you).