Like Wardrobe Malfunctions? These Are The Most WTF Moments Of Skin From Live TV

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I love watching live TV, but my go-to channel is something like ESPN, where I typically listen to a bunch of talking heads discuss the exact same sports topics show after show, hour after hour. I know, seriously, I need to get another hobby.

While ESPN might be the "worldwide leader" when it comes to sports coverage, there aren't normally funny things that occur on their shows—except those times when analysts have a brainfart and accidentally draw a couple of stick figures having sex like Jay Williams did that one time.

Anyway, needless to say, it's game shows that often provide the strangest moments on live TV—and the craziest thing that can happen is a wardrobe malfunction, leaving a host or contestant revealing a hell of a lot more skin than he or she would want to show.

And, because you know we here at FHM laugh when people embarrassingly show things they shouldn't—especially when a camera is filming them—we hunted down a video that just hit the Internet, which classified itself as the top-5 wardrobe malfunctions ever.

Take a peek and try not to laugh.

OK, go ahead and admit if you watched it more than once like I did... no lies, guys.

In the video's description on YouTube, it points out that some of the poor souls include people like French TV presenter Capucine Anav, Italian actress Debora Caprioglio, Argentine dancer Belen Francese and even a radio personality getting caught, as popular Russian radio host Julia Pago saw her top fall off by a webcam during a broadcast.

Needless to say, it's things like this that make live TV so funny, unpredictable and entertaining—but I'm just happy that this hasn't happened to me before. And, let's hope, it never does in the future, either. That's something no one wants to ever see, trust that.

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