Apple Announced The Top 10 Most Popular Emojis In America (But We Call Bullsh*t)

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Wasn't it Hans Christian Andersen who once said, "When words fail, emojis speak"? No? Are we getting our quotes mixed up? Crap! Well, it sounds right to us. Emojis have basically become a stand in for actual written communication and while English teachers everywhere are crying themselves to sleep, we dig it! Who wants to come up with some long-winded explanation when you can simply insert an emoji and be done with it? It's evolution! Humans have evolved past language. Pretty impressive, if you ask us (or an elaborate justification for pure laziness, you decide).

All that being said, Apple recently announced which emojis are most popular in these here United States and while we agree with a few, we have to call BS on the others. Go ahead and take a look:

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First impressions? Where's the smirk face? The smirk face is a staple flirting/sexually suggestive (without being creepy) emoji and we definitely thought it would rank in the Top 10. Speaking of sexually suggestive emojis, we can't believe the eggplant isn't on here. Frankly, we're relieved, but still! Given the immaturity of millennials, we thought that one-eyed purple monster would rank number 1, but since it didn't, let's go ahead and talk about that number 1 spot, shall we?

The "face with tears of joy" emoji is a load of crap. We never see anyone use that (unless it's to passive aggressively laugh at some bad joke your dad texted you). We want to know who gathered these statistics. Well, actually we know who gathered these statistics — EmojiTracker and Emojipedia — but still, something seems off. The skull?! C'mon! Unless it's Halloween or we're hungover, we NEVER use the skull. Then again, we're hungover often ...so, maybe that makes sense.

Overall, this list doesn't seem to fully include the emojis we see being used on a daily basis. Then again, we're sure these stats we're taken from a much larger scale than our inbox. I suppose we'll just have to deal with the "facts", but we're onto you Emoji data collectors.

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