Calling All Brainiacs: These Are The Hardest Colleges To Get Into (Per State)

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We know you're not asking for it, but, we're going to give you our honest opinion on college anyway. Here goes: colleges and universities are businesses — they want your money — point blank. That being said, good luck getting a decent job without a degree nowadays, sigh. Whether we agree with how colleges are ran or not, we do advocate that it's important to attend (yes, even if it puts you $100,000 in student loan debt). So, to all the younger FHM readers out there trying to figure out their futures, you're about to find the crème de la crème of colleges below.

According to research from both Business Insider and Niche.com the follow educational institutions are the hardest to get into (meaning most selective) in each state.


Alabama: University of Alabama

Arizona: Arizona Christian University

Arkansas: University of Arkansas

California: California Institute of Technology

Colorado: Colorado College

Connecticut: Yale University

District of Columbia (D.C.): Georgetown University

Acceptance rate: 17.4%

SAT 25th-75th percentile: 1320-1520

Florida: University of Miami

Georgia: Emory University

Hawaii: Brigham Young University at Hawaii

Idaho: Northwest Nazarene University

Illinois: University of Chicago

Indiana: University of Notre Dame

Iowa: Grinnell College

Kansas: Sterling College-Kansas

Kentucky: Berea College

Louisiana: Tulane University

Maine: Bowdoin College

Maryland: Johns Hopkins University

Massachusetts: Harvard University

Michigan: University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

Minnesota: Carleton College

Mississippi: Mississippi Valley State University

Missouri: Washington University in St. Louis

Montana: Carroll College

Acceptance rate: 57.5%

SAT 25th-75th percentile: 990-1250

Nebraska: Union College

New Hampshire: Dartmouth College

New Jersey: Princeton University

New Mexico: New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology

New York: Columbia University

North Carolina: Duke University

North Dakota: University of Jamestown

Ohio: Kenyon College

Oklahoma: University of Tulsa

Oregon: Reed College

Pennsylvania: University of Pennsylvania

Rhode Island: Brown University

South Carolina: Clemson University

South Dakota: Augustana College

Tennessee: Vanderbilt University

Texas: Rice University

Utah: Brigham Young University

Vermont: Middlebury College

Virginia: Washington & Lee University

Washington: Whitman College

West Virginia: Concord University

Wisconsin: University of Wisconsin

Remember, as we said earlier, college is a huge expense. If you're uncertain about where you want to go, don't sweat it! Take your time, think things over, and eventually you'll end up exactly where you need to be. Life has a way of always working out — yes, student loan debt or otherwise.

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