This Footage Of A Motorcyclist Flying 250 Feet Off A Cliff Has My Stomach Doing Some Serious Backflips

Image Via YouTube/CBS Los Angeles

I'm not trying to sound brash here, but I genuinely have never (and will never) understand the allure of a freakin' motorcycle. Cars are basically death-traps on wheels as it is, go ahead and remove the airbags and enclosure and you've got yourself a motorcycle — yeah, no, not for me! Sure, it's badass and dangerous and I suppose some people find that sexy, but you know what's even more sexy? Safety! There's too much room for error on a bike, it's not worth it! Don't believe me? Perhaps this footage of a man flying 250 feet off a cliff will make a convincing case.

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Okay, so the man lived. Who cares? The physical and emotional trauma alone is enough of a reason to stay off a motorcycle. Yes, I understand that his accident was the exception and not the rule, but really, why risk it? As per BGR

"The incredible crash, which ended when Murray and his bike both slammed into the heavily wooded terrain some 250 feet from the edge of the mountain, didn’t claim his life, but he didn’t walk away unscathed. The impact knocked him out, and he sustained a broken back, hip, pelvis, and sternum, and also had a pair of punctured lungs. Despite that, he was able to scale the hill after waking up in order to flag down a passerby and call for help. After such a near-death experience you’d hope that Murray could catch a break, but that just isn’t the case. A fundraiser set up to help out with his rehabilitation claims that he’s been booted from the hospital because his “emergency medical insurance” has run out. 'They have discharged him from the hospital even though everything is still broken,' the posting notes. 'He’s having a hard time breathing and still can’t walk or even go to the restroom without assistance. He is vomiting blood and we are very worried.”

Vomiting blood?! That hardly seems like the condition someone should be in when they've been released from the hospital. I could very easily start spewing rage on the status of medical care and health insurance in this country, but I'd rather not exert the energy. Just stay safe out there, folks!

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