Varsity Jackets Always Rule The School And These 10 Movie Jocks Prove It

As someone who dated the captain (more like, co-captain if memory serves) of the football team in high school, I'm here to suggest that a varsity jacket is nothing more than an overpriced piece of leather (if that) that the other students are supposed to recognize as superior but, in reality, most jocks peak at the age 18—if not in talent, in personality (and muscle mass).

Sorry to get all aggro about teenage athletes. If anything, I'm just remembering them as fitting the movie stereotype a bit too well and thusly jocks in real life, for me, are often are synonymous with villains.

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Then again, who doesn't love a good villain? I know I sure do! Especially one that looks great in butt pads—sorry, male readers, my bad. Let's continue. These 10 movie jocks are provide a pretty wide spectrum on what it means to be an athlete in high school. Take a look, then we'll analyze, sound good?

See? Not all of them were bona fide asshles. Take Julius Campbell from *Remember The Titans or Zack Siler from She's All That—they may have started off rough around or the edges or even incredibly vapid and douchey in Zack's case—but in the end they pulled it together and became the nice, decent athletes we all knew they could be.

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Of course, you're always going to have jocks that are just jocks. There's not much you can do about it but accept it and move on. If you happen to be in high school and you're reading this—I promise, promise, promise the especially jerky ones WILL go bald within 3-5 years following college. It's sad for them, but incredible for those they tortured.

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