11 Movie Tropes That Are Totally Responsible For Why You're Single

If you're a guy who watches too many movies and TV shows, it's easy to lose touch with reality under the glittery, unrealistic haze of pop culture. In films, the guy always gets the girl, the girl "changes" herself for the guy, and the girl finds it totally not creepy when the guy comes by her house unannounced or, you know, burns her name in her lawn.

Sure, on a surface level we know these are just tired movie tropes that, frankly, need to die. But when approaching that chick on Tinder or asking out the cute co-worker on a date, many guys find themselves accidentally believing these outdated pop culture myths. Below are 11 movie tropes that are ruining your chance at getting that second date.

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1. Not taking "no" for an answer.

The relentless pursuit of women is usually rewarded in films and portrayed as something only confident and brave guys do. However, the reality is that it's just strange and creepy. If someone doesn't like you, why force them to be into you simply because you feel you're entitled to? See? Not so romantic now, is it?

2. Just find a girl who listens to the same music as you do, and you're set.

Needless to say, but falling in love with someone takes more than you both liking The Smiths. And honestly, if you're over the age of 17, you've probably learned that by now. Most couples don't listen to the same music or even like the same TV shows. Of course, having the same interests can enhance a connection, but they don't always lead to lasting chemistry.

3. Women think stalking is sexy.

Showing up to her house unannounced? Following her around with a camcorder? Setting her name ablazed in her front yard? Any of those beahaviors would get you locked up in the real world, but it was considered romantic in American Beauty. Needless to say, but don't do this.

4. If you're an ugly sack of s--t, you're still entitled to hot women.

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In a perfect world people would date whomever they wanted regardless of what they looked like, but honestly, how realistic is that? It's also suspect that you never see this trope in reverse and see, say, Roseanne Barr getting to bone Brad Pitt. If anything, it just sets people up for unrealistic expectations once they enter the dating world.

5. Nerdy chicks can become hot if they'd just take off those damn glasses.

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Who needs makeup and plastic surgery? Just take off the glasses, take down the ponytail, change the clothes, and you got yourself a hottie — which rarely happens in the real world. Besides, cute, nerdy chicks don't always need makeovers.

6. Kissing someone in mid-sentence is romantic.

Or what we like to call the "shut up kiss." Sure, it's kind of cute in movies, but good luck trying that on a real woman who, most likely, would just be annoyed that you interrupted her while she was in the middle of that story about that co-worker she hates. Because you know how much you love listening to her talk about that.

7. Unrequited love is the only love that matters.

If you're still pining after some old high school sweetheart or obsessed over "the one who got away," that's a tad pathetic. Guys in movies don't like to "move on," they'd rather throw their whole lives away chasing after one girl, which isn't exactly healthy mentally. Makes for great Oscar caliber films, though!

8. Women love grand gestures.

You can add any singing or dancing in general to this trope, but in general, the grand gesture trope assumes all women like to be embarassed in order to be won over. In the real world, that's obviously not the case. Obviously women like to be wined and dined, but leave the theatrics for broadway.

9. Mental illness is hilarious and can make sex more exciting.

In movies, the "crazy chick" is usually someone who's really hot and manages to lure men into her orbit on looks alone despite the fact that she probably should be locked up in a mental institution. But don't tell screenwriters that — they seem to think it's a really attractive quality for some reason. Something tells me they've never actually had to deal with a legit insane person before. It's definitely not "passionate," and if you've ever seen an episode of Deadly Women, you'll know you might get yourself poisioned.

10. "The one."

In films, every guy pines after "the one," as if there's only one woman in the entire world for him. But for most guys, there's no such thing as the one. They might have two "ones" or three "ones" in their lifetime, which is a lot more realistic than putting unneccessary pressure on one relationship because you have unrealistic expectations.

11. Hate leads to passion.

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Many romcoms like to run this trope to the ground. Basically, a couple starts off hating each other and then falls in love by the end of the movie, which might happen five percent of the time in real life. If you're interested in a woman who's also your enemy, thinking you two will be anything other than acquaintances is just not realistic.

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