Nadine Velazquez From 'The League' Got Naked For A Show On The History Channel

There's a very good chance you guys all remember the sensationally sexy Nadine Velazquez, who played the role of Sofia, the beautiful wife of Ruxin on the TV show The League.

While her role on the former show about fantasy football was limited—seriously, why couldn't we see her more?—each time she made an appearance, we were all eyes, focusing on nothing other than her good looks.

Well, Nadine is in a new TV show on the History Channel called SIX, which is a story about Navy SEAL Team 6, who had one mission: eliminate a Taliban leader in Afghanistan. Sounds interesting, right?

Even more interesting is that Nadine Velazquez strips down naked in it—and we've got a few pics from the show to prove it!

Since we can never get enough of Nadine, here's her shaking her booty to show us how she stays in shape, along with some incredible pictures of her—which include the ones from SIX.

We may not have gotten as much of Nadine Velazquez as we wanted to in The League, but that doesn't mean we can't feed our appetite now, right? Enjoy, fellas.

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