Hiding Naked On A Roof Is One Way To Avoid Being Caught In A Cheating Relationship (Video)

Image via Facebook

People will go to great lengths and find insane excuses to avoid ever admitting that they're a cheater. Call it pride, if you will. Hell, some people would even hide naked on the roof of a building to avoid being caught—and we've found one of those people today.

And, guess what, someone captured it all to post on Facebook!


The video comes from Facebook user Naphtal Ngatali, who captured the entire debacle for the entire Internet to see, with the video becoming an instant hit that's been littered with comments, reactions and shares to help it go viral.

There's no telling what exactly the man is hiding from—with a few of the comments suggesting it might be a teenager hiding for the ugly wrath of a girlfriend's dad. But, by the way he's intensely trying to avoid being seen, along with the fact he's butt ass naked, it's safe to say some sort of sex was involved.


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