The Amount Of Money The Cali Cartel Made Every 30-Seconds Will Have Your Head Spinning In Freakin' Circles

Image Via Netflix

A couple of weeks ago we introduced ya'll to the rise of a new empire with the latest and greatest, Narcos season 3 trailer — this new empire, of course, was The Cali Cartel. One of the fiercest and most vicious drug cartels the world has even seen — yes even to this day. Despite the fact that these men we're undoubtedly monsters, they happened to be incredibly business savvy. Sure, selling a product like cocaine obviously has incredible demand, but in order to make thousands and thousands of dollars every 30-freaking-seconds? That goes beyond basic consumerism.

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See what I mean? It takes more than just knowing your product to make billions. It's about understanding people and governments. Beyond that, it's about understanding the importance of fear, power, and dominance of the market. According to Joe.Co.Uk

"Pablo Escobar had an estimated known net worth of US $30 billion by the early 1990s, but as this new footage shows, the Cali Cartel made $22,500 every 30 seconds. That's $23.5 billion a year. Regarding the new drug kingpin in town, Alcazar says that 'While Escobar was a single-cell organism, they (Cali cartel) were a complex, multicelled organism.' Show creator Eric Newman has described the new villain as 'more pervasive and more insidious' than Escobar while adding that 'they (cartel) bought the presidency of Colombia in 1994'. They were insiders, and it’s very much a response to the level of violence that the hunt for Escobar brought to Colombia. We’re inheriting an administration in government and populous in Colombia that were tired of the violence and that changed the way they were going to wage the war, so it’s a more complicated environment in ways. It’s difficult to tell the good guys from the bad guys."

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