Witness The Rise Of A New Empire In The Kickass Season 3 Trailer Of 'Narcos'

Image Via YouTube/Netflix

As we all know, the Netflix original series, Narcos began telling the story of noted Colombian king pin, Pablo Escobar. While his reign was the fiercest example of a narco-state the world had ever seen, he met his demise as most criminals do—in a hail storm of bullets. Of course, just because his story ended, didn't mean that others wouldn't try at the same game, or at the very least, attempt to reclaim the industry Pablo monopolized for years, not only in Colombia, but all over the world. This is where the future of Narcos exists—in the aftermath of Escobar. As you'll hear in the trailer, cocaine cartels are about succession and the second Pablo went down, The Cali Cartel went up—turning into the biggest cocaine cartel in history. It was freaking Cocaine Incorporated.

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Fortunately, we'll be seeing all of the same, familiar faces (save for the ones who have been murdered/died) along with some new players.Personally, I'm a big fan of Agent Pena—he's the perfect juxtaposition of a troubled individual and officer of the law. It's always nice to see a good guy with a little bad guy in them. Then again, who am I kidding? I love the bad guys too! It's hard to champion the cartel because of the historical accuracy involved, but my God, are they some badass dudes. Again, not dismissing the fact they were monsters, but monsters make for good TV—that's for sure. Narcos season 3 will be returning to Netflix on September 3rd. Ya'll better be watching along with us!


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