It's Official: Natalia Dyer From 'Stranger Things' Is A Certified Babe (And Her Pics Will Turn You 'Upside Down')

Following the success and cult following that occurred with the Netflix series Stranger Things — which is, without a doubt, one of the better shows that we've binge-watched over the past few years — it's easy to see why so many people were anticipating Stranger Things: Season 2 being released a couple of weeks ago. And, because the entire plot fools with your mind and makes you feel as if you're in some alternative universe and stuck there forever, you may have overlooked the fact that a certain actress in the show, Natalia Dyer, is actually pretty friggin' cute.

Dyer's character, Nancy Wheeler, might be a down-to-earth and sweet high school teen on the show Stranger Things, but, after seeing some of her pics on, yeah, she's a certified babe capable of turning your entire perception about her upside down — you see what we did there? And, thanks to her character evolving in Stranger Things: Season 2, we have a more badass Nancy Wheeler. Dyer pretty much said that in a recent interview with Elle when describing the role for Season 2:

“I think single-minded is a good word. She's much more focused. I think last season she discovered a little bit of what she's capable of when she really goes for something, and I think this season she goes even more in that direction. She’s very driven by the search for justice, and it’s fun to play that. There’s a decisiveness and a focus to her, but also something a little reckless and dangerous about it that’s a lot of fun.”

The 20-year-old Natalia Dyer shows us that she's got some serious style and is capable of stealing the attention no matter where she goes. And, seeing as how Stranger Things was her breakout role and she's still just making a name for herself in the entertainment biz, we've got a hunch that Natalia will only continue to rise up the scene and earn some other roles. Hey, who knows, maybe she become the next version of Ariel Winter or even Emma Watson, who both went from playing innocent, girl-next-door kind of roles and become mega-babes?

We know there are a ton of Stranger Things theories out there about what might come next in the popular show, but there's one theory that you can 100 percent declare to be true — Natalia Dyer is one of our newest crushes. OK, now we'll allow you to just go ahead and peep some of her pics.

Lead image via Getty.

See more pics of Natalia Dyer from Stranger Things in the pics below.