Model Natalie Golba Tells Us Her Key Ingredients For The Perfect Date

Natalie Golba is more than just some hot Instagram model who racks up the likes and comments right and left. Sure, with a whopping 249,000 Instagram followers (and counting), as well as pioneering a kick-ass YouTube channel, Naughty Delicious, Natalie has surely become a social media force to be reckoned with! A pretty damn stunning force at that! But she's here to prove that there's more than meets the eye.

With so many men drooling over her, we figured it wouldn't be such a bad idea to get some advice on the opposite sex from the sensationally gorgeous Natalie. After all, who better than a beautiful model to school us on some dating tips, right? Pretty solid logic, in our personal opinion?


Fortunately, we were able to get a hold of Natalie Golba and have her give us some much needed dating tips. Not only did the Instagram model and YouTube star steer us in the right direction when it comes to approaching a woman as stunning as herself, but she also spilled a few details on what the life of a model is really like. You might just say it was like a date — but, you know, that's just how we'd word it.

FHM: You've Had Quite The Career So Far, Taking Part In Various Magazine And Brand Shoots: Which Has Been Your Favorite?

Natalie Golba: "I loved our shoot for the cover of FHM Indonesia with Joey Wright. He found the most beautiful location for the images, but it was so challenging to walk through seaweed and bugs that day. I’ll remember that one for a really long time."

FHM: OK, So, Hypothetically, We're Taking You Out On A First Sate: What's The One Suggestion You Have For Us?

Natalie Golba: "A cute place with a water or ocean view and meaningful conversation will work the best. I'm pretty simple."

FHM: What About Follow-Up Time After A Good First Date? Do We Stick To The Whole Three-Day Rule, Or Go With Our Guts And Contact You The Next Day?

Natalie Golba: "Please, no. I consider a guy to be interested and serious if he doesn’t follow those rules and just presents his feelings when he wants to. I love a guy to show that he's interested in continuing to get to know me after a first date."

FHM: Being A Model As Stunning As You Are, Do You Find That Guys Are More Likely To Approach You Or Are They Intimidated By Your Looks And Success?

Natalie Golba: "Oh, definitely the latter! I'm dealing with lots of insecurities from the men's side. And lots of guys playing cool, which obviously doesn’t work. (laughs).

No, thank you, Natalie! You hear that, guys? Don't forget to follow up with the lady after your next date and, nope, you aren't fooling anyone by playing it cool!

Lead image via Instagram/NatalieGolba, with most photography courtesy of Antoine Verglas and MUSE Publishing.

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