Natalie Zettel's The Hot, 18-Year-Old Kardashian Cousin Who Looks Just Like Kendall Jenner

With a little over 5,000 followers on Instagram, 18-year-old Natalie Zettel doesn't exactly have the social media status of her first cousins, The Kardashians, but she sure does have their good looks and charm! At least that's what we've gathered on Instagram, anyway. Believe us, we think we've made a pretty darn convincing case.

According to the Daily Mail, Natalie is the daughter of Kris Jenner's younger sister Karen Houghton. That makes her first cousins with Kim, Khloe, Rob, and Kourtney as well as half-cousins with Kendall and Kylie.


Despite sharing less of a bloodline with Kendall, Natalie is almost a dead-ringer for the 21-year-old beauty. Sharing dark hair, piercing eyes, and svelte frame — Natalie and Kendall could easily be sisters. Perhaps even more so than Kendall and Kylie! Zettel also happens to be following in the eldest Jenner's modeling footsteps. Honestly, it's not exactly difficult to see why — Zettel is a total knockout. Man, you really gotta respect good genetics, right?

While Natalie hasn't been in the public eye nearly as much as her famous family members, she has opened up in the past about what it means to be a member of such an iconic, albeit infamous, group of celebrities. In a 2013 interview with Star, Zettle set the record straight:

"They’re my blood. They’re always going to be there — I’m stuck with them — but I love my family. I’ve known them since I was a little toddler," she explained. "I’m closest with Kendall and Kylie because we’re close in age."

"It’s not weird for me to have a large, famous family because I knew them before all the fame. People are like, "Oh my Gosh! You’re cousins with the Kardashian family? Is that weird?" And I say, "No." They’re nothing special. In my eyes, they’re just my family."

Sounds like a very humble young woman with a good (beautiful) head on her shoulders! We look forward to seeing what the future has in store for Natalie and we're happy that she's managed to fly under the radar for this long. Although, we suspect that's all about to change after y'all take a look at the gallery below. Fame is most definitely in her future!

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