What Makes A Good Boyfriend? We Asked 7 Models To Tell Us A Bunch Of Stuff Guys Should Know

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Guys, it's National Boyfriend Day — yes, it's a real thing, according to the Internet. And because some of us are either in a relationship and trying to figure out how to stay in it, or single and hoping to find that special somebody to share some fun moments with, we figured the best thing to do would be to chat with some of our favorite models to get some insight on what a pretty woman really looks for and talks about in a boyfriend.


That's right, we were crazy enough to chat with models like Rosie Roff, Jenna Bentley, Lisa Brooke, Bri Teresi, Nora Segura, Kayleigh Swenson AKA "Viking Barbie" and Savannah Jerson, who all agreed that guys could use a little help in the picking-up-women department. Funny thing is, they didn't tell us to leave them alone after flooding their Instagram DMs, and, instead, actually gave us some tips and, even better, sexy pictures to look at, too! What a life we lead, huh?

From bad boyfriend moments in their past to how important sex is to maintain a good relationship, here's what Rosie, Jenna, Lisa, Bri, Nora, Kayleigh and Savannah had to say. Guys, this is where you should go grab a pen and paper to take notes.

FHM: What're The Key Traits Every Boyfriend Needs To Be Described As "A Great One?"

Kayleigh Swenson: "I definitely think honesty and loyalty are key traits. I also believe he should be thoughtful and be able to make you laugh."

Bri Teresi: "I’m quite the free spirit, so when I’m in a relationship, I think the most important traits my partner needs to have are trust and confidence. As a swimwear model, I put a lot out there and need to be with a man that isn't insecure about what I do, knowing that, at the end of the day, I’m loyal and coming home to him. Also, they have to be funny/goofy! I think the best relationships are the ones that you feel super comfortable, happy and silly in."

Rosie Roff: "He feels like a great friend... except when he kisses me."

FHM: Any Bad Boyfriend Moments That Other Guys Should Definitely Learn From?

Lisa Brooke: "Bringing up things from the past — it's the most annoying thing ever. Don't let social media become what your relationship is all about. Public breakups and make ups are so humiliating."

Jenna Bentley: "Don't ever forget a girlfriend's anniversary, even if we say we don't care or remember ourselves. I'm here to tell you that we're liars and that we actually do care very much... so you better not forget!"

Savannah Jerson: "Don't be overly insecure. We all have our moments, but learn to find confidence in yourself. Confidence is sexy."

FHM: When Is It Appropriate For A Boyfriend To Start Introducing You To Friends/Family?

Nora Segura: "It depends if you live close and spend a lot of time with your family. If so, I think after a couple months it can be a nice time to get to know the parents. Friends sooner... like, after a couple weeks, you can introduce someone you're feeling serious about."

Bri Teresi: "I think after a couple dates you should definitely be meeting their friends. It’s kind of a red flag to me if he’s not bringing you around his friends. Family is a bit different. Personally, I am super close with my family and am always around them, so, typically, partners meet my mom soon off. But it just depends, I guess, how close you are to your family both relationship and distance wise."

FHM: Is It True You Ladies Gossip About Boyfriends To Friends As Much As We All Think, Or Nah?

Rosie Roff: "In my case it isn’t true, I'm mostly private. I'll talk to my sister at times and will talk to a guy friend if I’m having problems in a relationship. I feel like the perspective and advice is helpful."

Nora Segura: "Yes, it's true we gossip about all the dirty details! We usually have a good laugh doing so... but with love, of course."

FHM: How Important's Great Sex When Judging A Boyfriend?

Bri Teresi: "To me, physical intimacy is really important in a relationship. I have to have great chemistry with a person in order to stay interested and excited about them... I actually find the people I’ve had the strongest and most memorable connections/sexual experiences aren't necessarly the most attractive people I’ve ever been with. It’s deeper than that."

Savannah Jerson: "Great sex isn't everything, if you connect with someone well enough physically and emotionally, I believe you can make the sex great with time."

Kayleigh Swenson: "For me, it's the most important thing. I know that's not healthy, but I'm a diagnosed sex addict... soooo."

Jenna Bentley: "It's very important! Sex matters for sure!"

Rosie Roff: "I think it;s a direct correlation of the connection you have. So, yes, it's important."

Lisa Brooke: "It's extremely important! You need that chemistry, otherwise it will fizzle out. Especially for me, anyways. It's actually been the reason why a past relationship has failed for me — we weren't sexually capable."

Nora Segura: "Sex is super important! Has to be the best, to make sure you enjoy each other!"

FHM: When Can You Tell That A Boyfriend Is Trying Way Too Hard To Impress You?

Savannah Jerson: "If he's being cocky with his friends and putting others down to make himself look better. If he tries to spend a ton of money we both know he doesn't have on something unnecessary. If he carelessly puts your life in danger by racing random people in his car... he's trying too hard."

Lisa Brooke: "A helicopter ride and candlelit champagne toast as a first date all while sending her to get her hair and make up done at a spa before. Slow down there, killer. A little to eager to impress. That's for someone in a relationship."

Bri Teresi: "I hate it when all guys do is flash their money and cars. It's so annoying and just shows they are trying too hard! Please stop, you aren’t going to find a woman of quality by doing that."

FHM: Any Must-Know Tips For A Guy To Land A Pretty Lady Like Yourself?

Kayleigh Swenson: "Be yourself! Don't be afraid to be vulnerable and goofy."

Rosie Roff: "All girls are the same, everyone deserves the same level of respect. Treat everyone well, and the girls you like will respond to that. There aren’t some that are better than others. If she acts like she is, then that is something to worry about."

Lisa Brooke: "Games won't work with me, so just be straight up with what your intentions are. No matter if it's just casual or if you are looking for something serious, I can respect both. I like a guy who has manners; open my doors, pick me up on our dates, that type of stuff. Don't date multiple girls at the same time, either, that will just chase me the other way."

FHM: Is A Boyfriend "Allowed" To Have Female Friends Or Is That A No-Go?

Jenna Bentley: "Of course they can have lady friends. I'm bisexual, so definitely not a hater there! I give credit to hot women when it's due."

Bri Teresi: "Of course! Why wouldn’t he be allowed to? Ladies, be confident and don’t be intimidated by others. He’s with you for a reason, don’t forget that. Personally, I have a lot of male friends and don’t see them as a problem."

Kayleigh Swenson: "It's a very case by case basis. I have girls that I'm fully OK with... and then those I can tell have no business hanging out with my boyfriend."

FHM: If A Boyfriend Cheats, Would You Ever Forgive Him?

Rosie Roff: "I understand that life happens and that people are complicated. I think it's important to forgive and to let go of resentment; although, that doesn’t mean I'd continue a relationship. I think it's wise to look after myself, so if boundaries were crossed that I couldn’t get over, I wouldn’t put myself through that."

Savannah Jerson: "Yes, I would forgive him eventually, but we would never date again. If a guy doesn't realize and appreciate what he has when he has it, then he never deserved you in the first place."

Nora Segura: "Cheating can be forgiven, but it's not easy..."

Jenna Bentley: "Absolutely not! I strongly believe it goes both ways; once a cheater, always a cheater."

You can check out more from these models on their Instagram pages: Rosie Roff, Savannah Jerson, Lisa Brooke, Jenna Bentley, Kayleigh Swenson, Bri Teresi, Nora Segura

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