A Navy Chief Special Warfare Officer Has Been Living A Wild Double Life As X-Rated Star

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Generally speaking, when I hear about a man "living a double life" a portrait of a busty foreign nanny and off shore Swiss bank account comes to mind, but Navy Chief Special Warfare Officer, Joseph John Schmidt III, definitely upped my cutesy-little cliche scenario by a sh-t ton. The San Diego Union Tribune details:

"As a member of the Navy SEALs, the 42-year-old boasts a chest of ribbons and medals during his 23 years in the military, including a valor citation for combat overseas. To his East County neighbors and Coronado shipmates, he’s been the married father who has given pep talks to special-needs children in Los Angeles and toured the country recruiting for the elite Naval Special Warfare teams, even serving as the face of the SEAL program on its website."

Okay, so this guy isn't bottom of the barrel military personnel. He's the creme de la creme and as it turns out, one helluva multi-tasker. The Tribune continues:

"Schmidt is also Jay Voom, the actor in at least 29 porn flicks during the past seven years, from “Apple Smashing Lap Dance” to “Strippers Come Home Horny From the Club.” He has spent most of his time in front of the camera engaging in sex with his wife — porn megastar Jewels Jade— for her website and film-distribution service. But he also has coupled with XXX actresses Mena Li and Ashden Wells, according to marketing materials found by The San Diego Union-Tribune and confirmed by Jade."

His moonlighting as an X-rated star calls into question some ethical and moral dilemmas as he is such a decorated member of The U.S. military, an establishment that doesn't exactly take too kindly to open sexual expression of any kind. Captain Jason Salata, a spokesman for the SEALs comments:

"We have initiated a formal investigation into these allegations. There are very clear regulations which govern outside employment by (Naval Special Warfare) personnel as well as prohibitions on behavior that is discrediting to the service."

We're not sure how we feel about Schmidt being penalized in any way for his role as Jay Voom. It's clear that his double-life never got in the way of his service and frankly, it's not entirely fair to champion violence over sex, is it? I know that's the American way, but sometimes a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. His porn star wife, made mention of how beneficial their career choice had been to their family:

"It’s helped our family. It got us out of a lot of financial issues we were going through,” Jade said. “I could take care of the child. I could try to get us out of financial debt.”

All the more power to them, if you ask me!

Lead image via Instagram/jewelsjade71.

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