LeBron James, John Wall And Other Ballers Look WAY Too Lifelike In 'NBA 2K18' (Seriously, It's Creepy)

I don't watch basketball in my personal life so it pretty much goes without saying that I don't play basketball video games either and you know what? I'm GLAD I don't — these gaming graphics (if that's what they're called) nowadays are just getting too damn lifelike. Seriously, I'd be afraid that Lebron or John Wall would just go ahead and pull a girl from The Ring moment and crawl slowly out of the TV screen to bounce a ball off my head — no thanks! That being said, I can see why genuine fans of The NBA get excited about these technological advances, especially if you've been playing the games since you were young. The progression if nothing else is impressive (more so creepy, but yes impressive). According to USA Today

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"Steve Noah of Operation Sports tweeted a side-by-side comparison of LeBron from NBA 2K17 and 2K18. The year-over-year difference looks so drastic that the screenshot on the right almost looks like an actual photo of LeBron upon first glance."

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And check out these wicked details that developers even added, like stretch marks and all the custom tattoos some of these players have.

Oh, and let's not forget about the kicks! Yep, NBA 2K18 even has all the shoes ballers are known to show-off on the hardwood.

Uh yeah, I literally just showed half of my office these pictures and they thought the side-by-side comparisons were of real humans and video game characters. See what I'm saying? Confusing stuff, my friends. I will give the nod for the attention to detail when it comes to the beads of sweat dripping off the players. Gotta say, kinda sexy but again, mostly creepy.

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