First Look At The NBA All-Star Game Rosters, As Drafted By Captains LeBron James And Steph Curry

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There was a lot of debate whether or not the NBA All-Star Game should have held its new drafting process on television to a) score some extra cash through advertisers and b) allow fans to see how the whole thing went down, thus, creating a hell of a lot of trash-talk come game day. Problem is, there are just too many political reasons as to why the league couldn't allow such a thing, with the most obvious being the selection process itself!

For instance, what if LeBron James or Stephen Curry — the captains of the two teams based off earning the most votes — selected a rival player over his own teammate? Say, LeBron chooses Klay Thompson late in the draft over Cleveland Cavs teammate Kevin Love. Could there be some tension added to the already dysfunctional relationship between the two? Absolutely.

It's because of that reason, and plenty of others, that the NBA just couldn't risk exploiting itself for an exhibition game like the NBA All-Star Game into something that could cause the actual moneymaker, regular season games, from taking a hit. That said, it's an cool new platform that, personally speaking, hopes the league continues for years to come.

Anyway, now that we've gotten all of that out of the way, how about we take a peek at which players LeBron James and Stephen Curry did select, shall we? It's pretty interesting to see how each superstar assembled his team, giving us an idea of whom both would most want to play with in a dream roster situation.

NBA All-Star Game (East Roster)

Captain: LeBron James



NBA All-Star Game (West Roster)

Captain: Stephen Curry



After looking at the two rosters, on paper, I've got to give the edge to Team LeBron. I mean, damn, Anthony Davis paired with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving? That's pretty dominant — even in a game that doesn't mean a damn thing and defense is more than optional.

Of course, NBA fans have to wonder why LeBron James chose to take his former Cleveland Cavs teammate Kyrie Irving, who was traded to the Boston Celtics this past offseason after wanting to be option No. 1 on a team that didn't have LeBron on it. Should add some drama into the mix.

The NBA All-Star Game is being played on Sunday, February 18 in Los Angeles, and can be seen live on TNT, with coverage starting at 7 p.m. eastern time. Can't wait!

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