Need More Reasons To Have Lots Of Sex? Science Just Found Some For You

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Just a few weeks ago, we let you know that, while it feels like a workout, sex, in fact, doesn't really burn a whole lot of calories. While that may have gotten all of us discouraged, leave it to science to bring our spirits higher—because they just said that sex is good for heart health, so keep on, keeping on.

According to research published by the Cleveland Clinic, sex is all sorts of good for your health, not just your heart, helping ease pain and improve sleep.

How Sex Helps Your Heart

Natural Relief From Pain

Men And Women May Benefit Differently

Of course, that last one about "improving sleep" is pretty obvious, I mean, what guy doesn't pass out immediately after climaxing? The other two health benefits? Well, those are awesome, and prove that sex is a must for long-term survival—only partly joking, of course.

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