This Nerf Dart That's Faster Than The Speed Of Sound Is F'in Terrifying (Video)

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There was a time when every single one of us probably had our fair share of NERF guns, pointing and shooting them at friends and younger siblings as a way to pretend that we were involved in a shootout with them.

It might have been fun and games way back when, but some of the things people are doing with NERF guns nowadays is just terrifying—and the foam dart that traveled more than two times the speed of sound is just the latest example of that.

For those out there who don't know how fast the speed of sound is, it's an object that travels 343 metres per second, or one mile in 4.69. In this instance, with the NERF dart going twice the speed of sound, the damn thing would be at just over 1,700 miles per hour.

Seriously, watch this video and try to convince yourself that you'd be "man enough"—or dumb enough—to stand there and let it hit you.


Yeah, no thanks—especially considering that little toy dart punctured a f*cking piece of wood!

The entire production is intense as hell, with the guy loading the NERF dart into a barrel as if he's ready to shoot an arch nemesis or something—which, in essence, might be possible given the speed the thing travels at.

Here's the part where we remind you that this isn't something to be tried at home—even though the guy gives step-by-step instructions on how to do so.

But, at the very least, go ahead and enjoy some of the other videos that this guy has on his YouTube channel—because that's not harmful to your well-being.

Lead Image via YouTube


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